Communication construction company MasTec announces new location in Fremont


FREMONT – Telecom construction company MasTec Inc. is the latest new company to move into Sandusky County.

The Sandusky County Economic Development Corporation announced Thursday that MasTec will accept new occupants of a previously vacant industrial building in Fremont at 800 Hagerty Dr.

Bob Gross, Fremont’s business development director, told News Messenger last week that MasTec plans to move in equipment and begin hiring within the next few weeks, with a goal of being operational by June 1.

The company plans to create 40 new jobs, with air and underground jobs starting at $20 an hour and experienced linemen earning up to $35 to $40 an hour, according to the SCEDC.

Proximity to Toledo was a plus

Beth Hannam, Sandusky County economic development director, said that James Fillar, MasTec operations manager, really liked the Hagerty Drive building and Fremont’s proximity to Toledo.

“He had been looking at locations in Toledo. The costs and terms of some of these sites were not up to date,” Hannam said Thursday.

MasTec plans to start hiring staff in the next few weeks, aiming to be operational by June 1st.

MasTec is a Coral Gables, Florida based company with offices throughout North America.

The company serves the telecommunications industry including Verizon, AT&T, Frontier and Charter Communications.

Hannam said MasTec was not looking for economic incentives to open a location in Fremont and conducted their own public search that led them to search the SCEDC website and finally settled on the Hagerty Drive location.

She said this shows how important it is for SCEDC to have updated information on its website

In a press release, Fillar said the company’s Fremont location will generally serve the Toledo market.

He said the company has built a reliable distribution network that can reach most of its potential market and has devoted a lot of resources to training and employee development.

Impact of fiber optic service

The company’s fiberglass construction is a complex and lengthy process and can take anywhere from three to 12 months depending on the length of the route, terrain and soils, weather and other external factors.

“Our company has provided reliable fiber optic internet to local governments, businesses, schools and dormitories. By connecting rural communities, we have opened the door to the use of precision farming, created more home-based working opportunities, and encouraged city-to-rural migration by providing access to services, entertainment, and education that rural residents may have traditionally sought out in urban areas ‘ Fillar said. “Our fiber optic internet service has had a direct impact on sustainable infrastructure for future technologies.”

Hannam said MasTec’s entry into Sandusky County would create potential connections between the company, Terra State Community College’s construction technology program and the new telecommunications technician program at the Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers.

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