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Website platforms and apps have been set up by Christians across Europe to welcome refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Switzerland, a small country with a long tradition of welcoming refugees, has seen over 90 churches and around a hundred families residing in the Churches Help (Churches help) initiative.

“Congregations generally have good, family-friendly infrastructure that often remains unused during the week and is ideal for accommodating guests. We therefore call on these churches to examine the possibility of temporarily hosting a group of guests from Ukraine,” said the initiators.

So far, 700 Ukrainian refugees have already found a place to stay. The 13 specialized organizations behind the initiative also offer assistance in applying for asylum and other legal advice. “We see that our mission is to offer these people a safe haven from war and pray that they will be allowed to return home soon.”

in the Germanythe Host4Ukraine The website and app were built by two young developers who already had experience in the field of social media Pro media magazine. “We come from a Christian background. Charity was important to us,” they say. Individuals can easily list their home on a site that looks like an AirBnB site but for free. Three weeks into the invasion over 10,000 beds were offered on this platform, in Germany and another 40 countries.

By doing United Kingdom, there are similar initiatives in the Christian context. The platforms Welcome Churches (which has been working in support of Afghans for the past few months) has opened one new website for Ukrainian refugees. Its aim is to help them integrate into the UK by offering links to churches, educational centres, medical help and job opportunities.

In other countries it is the social branch of the evangelical associations who organizes the network of those families who want to take in refugees. This is the case in Spain diakoniahas experience of receiving asylum seekers and directing them to trusted Christian organizations.

At the European level, the Ukraine Connect The site also connects potential hosts and Ukrainian refugees looking for a home. It was started by members of the 3 Christian ministries with many years of experience working in European countries.

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– Online Christian platforms in Western Europe connect Ukrainian refugees with potential hosts


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