Charro Days brings economic prosperity to Brownsville


BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Charro Days officially began in Brownsville over the weekend and the events are expected to provide a financial boost to the local economy.

Henry LeVrier, President of the Charro Days Fiesta, said the first celebration was in 1938 and while it celebrates Mexican heritage on both sides of the Rio Grande, it began to boost the local economy.

“In 1937, several businessmen got together to discuss what they could do to stimulate the economy. They got together and said, “You know what, why don’t we plan a fiesta to just fuel everything?” LeVrier said.

After a hiatus from in-person gatherings, the fiesta is now back and local businesses are seeing the impact.

“Here we are today and it’s still having this impact on the economy. Which we are very happy about. They know that hotels, restaurants, all the local vendors… have a tremendous impact,” LeVrier said.

Olga Morales, director of sales at the Courtyard by Marriott Brownsville, said she starts planning Charro Days six to eight months in advance.

She explained that during Charro Days, guests from across the state and nation visit and stay at her hotel.

“We actually get guests from Monterrey, we get guests from Mexico City, from both sides of the border,” Morales said.

Morales said all hotels and other businesses in the Brownsville area are benefiting from the events.

“It helps everyone, and it helps our hotel so much, and we’re so grateful for all of these guests and families and organizers who are staying,” she said.

Many people also visit local vendors in search of traditional Mexican outfits and accessories.

“Usually Charro Days, which start in February, sells very well. People come from all over the place so sales are good,” said Artesanias MX Zoe owner Rosio Ramirez.

She said although the store is open year-round, sales triple during Charro Days, and goods are ordered and replenished every three to four days to keep up with demand.

“They come for Charro Days, but since there are more stores, small businesses around, they can also see their stores and shop there as well,” Ramirez said.

More information about Festival of Charro Days and events can be found on their website.


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