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The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA) has launched its personalized “ehub” platform, which is geared towards creating connections, collaborations, and marketing products and services, as well as better contact with its employees and the public.

The ehub is a multi-service platform that enables its users to virtually connect at any time to expand their networks, access education and generate business opportunities while promoting their products and services. It has a menu with more than 10 sections and a 360 degree visualization that shows past and upcoming PRMA events. Users can also access online seminars, live broadcasts, marketing events, directories, activity calendars, and private chat to speak to other employees and / or customers interested in networking with the island’s manufacturing sector.

“We are convinced that these activities and online events will develop solid and integrative contacts between the various business areas in order to transform and create new services and solutions that satisfy everyone,” said PRMA President Carlos Rodríguez.


According to Rodríguez, the platform will include an area for interactive exhibitors, in which employees and their companies present their brands through various initiatives and strategies and “advertise” them in a constant automatic rotation. You could also increase the contact with potential customers from the exhibition area, where the users would feel like they are physically sharing the same space.

“The exhibits are the interactive space in which you can see everything. It is a new way to remotely connect and do business from anywhere in the world, to show products and services in a virtual format with a 360-degree experience, ”said Rodríguez about the new business strategy of the PRMA.

According to the President, every user would have access to a digital backpack that would enable him or her to save relevant information from every area of ​​the “ehub”.

Advertisers also have the option to pack information and promotions in the user’s backpack, similar to receiving a bag full of promotional items or gifts during a personal event.

In the community area there is access to business magazines and PRMA’s social media as well as a tour of various activities. The education sector has workshops and interactive events, including continuing education courses, some of which are validated as prerequisites for some license renewal processes.

The association is also negotiating alliances with some universities in the United States to expand its educational program to include issues such as human resources, occupational health and safety, funding and incentives, among others.

On the other hand, the platform for the Association’s Digital Marking Manager Zahíli Jurado covers several areas for business growth with a carefully designed experience for the user.

“Consumer habits and interpersonal relationships have changed over the past year. We are reinventing the way we interact with our employees. With the introduction of the ‘ehub’ we are presenting the next step in the development of virtual and hybrid experiences, enabling our employees, participants and sponsors to achieve greater value and new ways of connecting, ”said Yandia Pérez, Executive Vice President of PRMA – President

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