A young and upcoming next generation entrepreneur who is climbing great heights of success

entrepreneur who is reaching great heights of success” title=”Prajwal Ramamurthy: A young and upcoming next generation entrepreneur who is reaching great heights of success” class=”img-responsive pos_abt div_pos_0 h100p w100p”/>
Prajwal Ramamurthy: A young and upcoming next generation entrepreneur who is reaching great heights of success

New Delhi : There are many examples of new young talented entrepreneurs from the current generation who have left no stone unturned to turn their dreams into reality and achieve high levels of success, fame and recognition. We met such a supremely talented entrepreneur from the current generation’s golden era, Prajwal Ramamurthy, who has transformed the landscape of the entrepreneurial and business world with his innate ideas, skills, talents and expertise. Born and brought here in Bangalore, Karnataka, Prajwal belonged to a middle-class family who worked extremely hard to put food on the table. Since his father was in real estate and his mother was a software developer, they moved to the United States. Seeing his parents work so hard for money motivated Prajwal to do something extraordinary and create a better lifestyle for himself and his family.

Very fond of the entrepreneurial world, Prajwal had a strong urge to start his own business and began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age. From mowing lawns to working in a valet restaurant to selling phones, Prajwal also worked hard in many different jobs in different industries to make money, but soon found that his bank balance was still paltry and insufficient. Soon Prajwal entered a new business which involved trading Forex and was introduced to Network Marketing which changed his life and bank balance as well. After meeting some amazing people whom he calls close friends and family, the network marketing business changed his outlook on life and mindset. Prajwal later completed his four-year degree in 20 months at Full Sail University in Orlando, graduating with honors with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, specifically in mobile application development. With the goal of developing a mobile app that would go viral, he helped many people with his apps.

With increasing confidence and tremendous momentum in the business world, Prajwal found an exotic car rental called Leozen Exotic Rentals. They own or broker a wide range of cars at an affordable price with impeccable service. Some of the exotic cars they offer include Tesla Model S, Model Y and Model X names. Mercedes C300, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport, BMW 650i, Mercedes S550, S560, GT63, ​​Porsche Panamera, Audi Q8 , SQ8 , S5, Dodge Scat Pack, Track Hawk and others. Prajwal is also gaining momentum with his real estate business, where he helps people negotiate the best deal and allows them to create short term rentals on Air Bnb. He also helps with the renovation of houses. After working full time as a software developer developing mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, Prajwal now has his own company and team working on freelance projects and we take on any iOS, Android or web projects. Additionally, Prajwal also works to educate people about concepts like forex and cryptocurrency in the financial industry.

We are confident that Prajwal Ramamurthy will continue his golden streak in the business world and achieve many more successes in the future.


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