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Some second-year students at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are required to retake their module’s final test after the work is posted on the school’s learning portal about 20 minutes before the students are scheduled to take it.

The NTU School of Social Sciences has confirmed the incident and apologized to students for having to retake the test.

Test paper has run out

According to a student who wishes to be known as K, on ​​November 7th at 9:30 am the 2nd grade psychology students took the final test for the core module HP2200, Biological Psychology. The test accounts for 40 percent of the course grade.

About 20 minutes before the start of the test, students were informed that the assignment paper had been uploaded to NTU’s online learning portal, Blackboard.

The screenshot was taken after the 11:00 a.m. newspaper, showing that the test newspaper was leaked at 9:00 a.m. Below are screenshots of the newspaper at 9:06 am. Image via K

Students who saw the notification on their phones were able to see the exam questions before the test started.

A page of the exam paper that was posted before the test. Image via K

“I didn’t see the notification from Blackboard myself,” said K mothership“but several students have notified the professor and NTU student office of the paper leak.”

Notified to redo work three days later

Three days after the newspaper, on November 10 at 5:06 p.m., students received an email from the school informing them that all students must retake the test on November 14.

The email seen by mothershipsaid the school and program met to discuss the incident.

It added that there was “sufficient evidence of breaching the integrity of the final test prior to the actual physical test.”

From there they came to a consensus to invalidate the first test given on November 7 and have all students take the test again.

Later in the evening of November 10, the school sent another email saying that the school had received feedback on the retest scheduled for next Monday.

Following this, a dialogue session via Zoom was scheduled on November 11 to hear and address student concerns.

According to K, more than 140 students were involved in the Zoom call at peak times in real time.

During the session, there were discussions about changing the tested content or reducing the format of the test, K said.

In addition, they also took part in a survey to determine the best time to repeat.

Additional load

“There was general outrage at the announcement that the work would have to be redone. Many other students stated that this made them feel even more stressed,” K commented on the general mood of the students involved.

However, Chia Wai Mun, the Associate Chair (Academic) of the School of Social Sciences, said mothership that the school, having reached out to the students concerned, understands that the students have “accepted that a resit is a fair thing”.

K had hoped that “NTU would adequately address its error (the leaking of the pre-exam paper) and (in return) the students would pay for their administrative error by repeating the entire paper”.

“However, this dialogue was instead used to officially tell the students that there is nothing they can do about their mistakes,” K shared mothership.

K said the first retest date (Nov. 14) for the students falls on the “busiest week of the school semester with multiple assignments due.”

K added that the psychology cohort has at least three major submissions before the exam — for modules HW0208 Academic Communication in the Social Sciences, HP2500 Personality Psychology, and CC0007 Science and Technology for Humanity — in addition to studying for their thesis work.

It seems the date of the retest has yet to be confirmed, as Chia said mothership that the school is still working with the students on a suitable date.

A thorough review of examination procedures

“We are very disappointed with what happened. We apologize to students for having to retake the test, but this is necessary to ensure fairness for all,” Chia said in the statement mothership.

Chia added that most students took the test in a lecture hall and a group of Covid-19 positive students took an online version of the test, administered by the student office. All students took the same sheet and started at the same time.

The school learned “later” that the test paper was leaked onto the platform before the test began.

Chia did not specify when the school learned of the leak or any further details about the incident.

The school confirmed that 218 students were affected.

“We will thoroughly review our examination procedures and take the necessary measures to prevent similar incidents in the future,” Chia said.

Quotations from K have been edited for clarity. Top image via Google Maps by Andy Chua.


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