10% of agency workers will use online work platforms in 2021; DoorDash most used: SIA


July 06, 2022

Almost one in 10 agency workers reported using online work platforms in 2021, with a total of 9.4% of agency workers being employed to some degree by a consumer or company-facing work platform in 2021, according to Staffing Industry findings Analysts’ 2022 North America Temporary Worker Survey. The results show that the general trend has been around this level since 2016.

The survey results show that the top 3 work platforms most popular with temp workers are DoorDash, 51%; Uber, 42%; and Lyft, 23%. Instacart, Amazon Flex, Postmates and Shipt followed.

Among business-related websites, 35% of respondents named Upwork as the most popular, followed by Fiverr and Guru, cited by 23% and 19%, respectively.

The North America Temporary Worker Survey 2022: Trends in temp use of Talent Platforms and Work Services Platforms report reflects the perspectives of 5,607 temporary workers from 35 staffing agencies.

When asked to what extent they work through online labor platforms that focus on serving consumers directly, such as Uber.com, Lyft.com, or Handyman.com, 38% of temp workers said they were new to consumer-facing labor platforms. However, 47% stated that they are aware of its existence but not interested in it.

Another 9% said they currently earn some income from it, the highest level since tracking began in 2016, and 6% are considering using it within two years.

Likewise, a majority of temporary workers, 68%, are not familiar with company-related work platforms such as Upwork.com, FieldNation.com and Freelancer.com; 25% said they are familiar with platforms that primarily serve businesses, but are not interested in working through them. On the other hand, 2% earn some income from it — the lowest since tracking began in 2016 — and 5% are considering using it over the next two years.

The temporary worker survey includes information on income, wages, age and occupation. The North America Temporary Worker Survey 2022: Trends in temp use of talent platforms and work services platforms report is available online for Corporate Members and CWS Council Members of SIA.


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